AKT Premium Foldable Wooden Home Pilates Reformer Workout Machine (95837241)

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Achieve the most effective full-body workout with the Premium Wooden Pilates Reformer Exercise Gym Workout Machine For Home! This top-of-the-line fitness equipment offers superior quality and unparalleled comfort to ensure high-intensity workouts with minimal strain on your body. The adjustable head and foot positioning feature allows you to target different muscle groups with range of motion that hits all the right spots.

Plus, ergonomic pads and shoulder rests provide maximum comfort during your session. Made from sturdy, durable materials, this machine promises years of reliable use. And thanks to its foldable design, it's easy to store away when not in use and takes up minimal space in your home. Unlock all the benefits of a Pilates workout today with the Premium Wooden Pilates Reformer Exercise Gym Workout Machine For Home!


  • Custom-sized pads for the built-in standing platforms on the reformer makes workouts easier and far more enjoyable - goodbye to clumsy, worn-out towels!
  • This equipment is ideal for at-home workouts or a studio supplement for when you can't get there!
  • This Pilates system offers foundational exercises, plus the ability to customize your routine with add-on leg kits for an even more comprehensive workout!
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Material: Maple Wood
Dimensions (L*W*H): (87.8*25.6*24.0)"
Color: Maple
Warranty: 90 days Manufacturer
Net Weight: 106 LBS

1 x Wooden Pilates Reformer Exercise Gym Workout Machine
1 x User Manual
1 x Set of Accessories

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