ALEKO Dual Swing Gate Operator Solar Kit With 24V DC Motor (GG1300/AS1300 AC/DC) (SAK49175)

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Enhance your residential or commercial property with the ALEKO GG1300/AS1300 Dual Swing Gate Opener. This top-tier gate opener brings convenience and peace of mind with its remote-controlled operation, sparing you from the hassle of manual handling and keeping you comfortably dry inside your vehicle. Powered by a robust 24V DC motor, this system effortlessly manages dual swinging gates up to 36 feet in length or 1760 pounds in weight, ensuring smooth, reliable performance and extended durability.

The ALEKO GG1300/AS1300 offers seamless installation even in remote locations, thanks to its low-cost, low-voltage wiring capability. Additional features like the optional backup battery for power outages, programmable motor force, and auto-close function ensure a customizable and secure experience. Upgrade your property's access control with this elegant and efficient gate opener, designed for maximum convenience and reliability. Order yours today to experience the ultimate in gate automation.


  • The ALEKO GG1300/AS1300 features a smooth and soft start and stop function, enhancing the longevity of the motor. This ensures a quiet and efficient operation every time.
  • Equipped with an emergency release key for power failures, this gate opener ensures you’re never stuck. The system also includes stop/reverse functionality if an obstruction is detected during operation, prioritizing safety.
  • Whether you have a single or dual gate setup, this opener supports both modes. You can adjust the opening and closing intervals between master and slave gates to suit your needs.
  • The built-in digital display provides real-time information on the running situation and setting menu, making adjustments straightforward. Programmable auto-close settings from 0-99 seconds add an extra layer of convenience.



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Model: ALEKO Dual Swing Gate Operator GG1300/AS1300 AC/DC
Motor: 24V DC, 80W per actuator, 3A Current
Power Supply: 110V/60Hz Or 220V/50Hz
Actuator Speed: 1.6 cm/second (5/8 inch/second)
Actuator Travel: 385mm (15 3/4")
Max Weight of Each Gate panel: 880 lb
Max Length of Each Gate panel: 18 ft.
H Bracket Dimensions for 30W Solar Panel (LxW): 15.35 x 9.6 inches
L Bracket Dimensions (LxW): 5.3 x 1.9 inches
Auto-Closing Duration: programmable (0 to 99 seconds)
Ambient Temperature: -20C(-4F) ~ +50C(+122F)
(1) Set of Aleko Dual Swing Opener Gate Operators of GG1300/AS1300 AC/DC
(1) User Manual

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