ALEKO Single Swing Gate Operator ETL Listed Accessory Kit ACC4, 880LBS [GG450/AS450 AC/DC] (SAK64729)

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Elevate your property with the ALEKO Single Swing Gate Operator Accessory Kit. This innovative system grants you effortless access and enhanced security, transforming the way you manage your residential or commercial space.

Built to last, the GG450 is meticulously crafted with top-quality materials, ensuring durability in any weather condition. From scorching sun to heavy rain, this gate opener stands strong, providing reliable performance year-round. The powerful 24V DC motor operates with a smooth start/stop function for optimal efficiency and quiet operation.

Convenience is paramount. Enjoy the ease of opening and closing your gate remotely using the included controls, all from the comfort of your vehicle. Safety is prioritized with features like obstacle detection and auto-stop functionality, offering peace of mind for you and others. Invest in the ALEKO GG450A Single Swing Gate Operator Accessory Kit today. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, security, and exceptional durability.


  • Constructed from top-quality, water-resistant materials, this gate opener is engineered to endure extreme weather conditions. Whether it's blazing sun, pouring rain, or freezing frost, your gate will remain operational and reliable year-round.
  • With ETL Certification, this accessory kit meets stringent safety standards. It features advanced obstacle detection and auto-stop functions, protecting your property and ensuring the safety of everyone who uses the gate.
  • Equipped with an emergency release key, this kit ensures you can always access your property, even during a power outage. For added peace of mind, a backup battery is available for purchase to keep your gate running seamlessly.
  • Program the auto-close feature to your liking, with options ranging from 0 to 99 seconds. This ensures your gate automatically secures itself, enhancing both your convenience and security.


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Model Name: ALEKO Swing Gate Operator (GG450/AS450)
Compatible Gate Types: Single Swing Gates
Motor: 24V DC, 80W Per Actuator
Power Supply: 110V/60Hz (or 220V/50Hz – not included)
Power Modes: AC Electricity Only; Solar Panels* and Batteries*; AC Electricity and Back-Up Batteries*; AC Electricity, Solar Panels*, and Back-Up Batteries* (*Solar Panels and Batteries Not Included)
Operating Temperature: -4° – 122°F
Gate Capacity: 18 ft. L or 660 lb.
Actuator Speed: 0.64 in/second
Actuator Travel: 15-3/4 in.

Aleko Dual Swing Gate Operator Accessory Kit Package Includes (GG450/AS450):
(1) Actuator
(1) Control Box
(2) Photocells
(1) Wired Push Button
(1) Wireless Keypad
(1) Keypad Metal Cover
(2) 433 MHz Remotes
(2) Emergency Release Key
(3) 8.5 x 11-In. Warning Signs
(1) Set Of Mounting Hardware
(1) User Manual

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