ALEKO Premium Sliding Gate Opener Accessory Kit ACC3, 2000LBS [AR2050] (SAK73254)

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Transform your driveway with the ultimate companion for your ALEKO sliding gate opener – the ALEKO Sliding Gate Opener Accessory Kit ACC3. This comprehensive kit equips you with everything you need to maximize the functionality and performance of your gate system.

Imagine the convenience of effortlessly controlling your gate from up to 30 meters away with the included user-programmable remote controls. The built-in radio receiver ensures smooth operation and RF hopping code technology prevents unauthorized access, keeping your property secure.

Don't settle for just basic functionality. Elevate your gate system with features like pedestrian mode for controlled gate opening, and a whisper-quiet operation thanks to the oil-immersed motor and drive system. Upgrade your driveway and enjoy a smarter, safer, and more efficient entrance to your property.


  • The ALEKO Sliding Gate Opener Accessory Kit includes everything you need for efficient gate operation. With support for up to 100 remotes and two user-programmable, erasable remote codes, you have complete control at your fingertips.
  • The auto-close functionality adds convenience and security to your property. Set the gate to close automatically, ensuring your property remains secure without any extra effort.
  • For added safety and convenience, the manual key release design allows for easy access during power outages or emergencies. You can effortlessly open or close the gate manually when needed.
  •  The motor and drive system are immersed in lubricating oil, reducing noise and extending the life of the transmission. Enjoy smooth and quiet operation, along with the durability you can rely on.


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Model Name: Aleko Sliding Gate Operator (AC2050)
Compatible Gate Types: Sliding Gates
Motor: 120V AC
Motor Type: Single Phase
Gate Capacity: 60 ft. L or 2000 lb.
Operating Time: 0-44 Seconds
Auto-Close Settings: 0, 30, 60, 90 seconds
Gate moving speed: (7.9"/second) 20 cm/second
Security: RF Hopping Code Technology
Aleko Sliding Gate Operator Accessory Kit ACC3 Package Includes (AC2050):
(1) Sliding Gate Opener Unit
(2) Photocells
(1) Wireless Keypad
(1) Push Button
(2) 433 MHz Remotes
(2) Emergency Release Key
(3) 8.5 x 11-In. Warning Signs
(1) Set Of Mounting Hardware
(1) User Manual

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