16L Commercial Double Frozen Margarita Ice Slushie Drink Maker Machine, 1155W (95281306)

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Frozen margarita and slushie machines are becoming all the rage in events and dining spaces. But why should you settle for just any ordinary machine, when you can have the Commercial Frozen Margarita Ice Slushie Drink Maker Machine? Constructed with a compact and durable design and featuring a premium compressor with a solid copper condenser, this frozen drink maker offers the perfect way to chill your beverages rapidly, save on energy costs, and operate at low noise.

Ideal for both commercial or family use, this daiquiri machine offers accessibility so guests and family can easily serve their favorite frozen drinks while adding an attractive feature to your modern diner or catered event. Double 8-litre cylinders put more control into your hands than ever before – easily prepare an array of flavors in no time! Dispensing quality every time is guaranteed – without fail – due to its superior chilling technology.

Make your guests’ experience even more enjoyable with the Commercial Frozen Margarita Ice Slushie Drink Maker Machine today! With its reliable performances, long-lasting construction quality, hassle-free maintenance and effortlessness during operation all make it standout from other slush machines on the market. It's simply perfect for those who want a chilled beverage, whenever they'd like!


  • 8L (2.1US gal) x 2 cylinder slush machine for up to 17-23L of slushy and 12-18L of alcoholic drinks per hour, compact while strong in performance.
  • Pre-cooling and preservation functions are included to keep drinks fresh at low temperatures throughout the evening, and provide solutions for consistent surplus stock.
  • Equipped with concise control panel with clear digital temperature display, on-off switch, separate mixing switches, two modes and cylinder indicator buttons for carefree operation. Cold drink and slushy modes can be switched as need.
  • The slush maker has a password lock function to avoid other unauthorized personnel from operating it.
  • It displays potential warnings in advance and provides solutions on the machine so that you can find and solve problems quickly.



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Input Power: 1800W
Compressor Power: 1155W
Refigerant: R410
Capacity: 2 x 2.1 Gal / 2 x 8 L
Material: 304/201 Stainless Steel
Continous Output: 26~32L/H; 15~21L/H alcohol

1 x 16L Commercial Slush Machine
1 x User Manual

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