EASTPOINT 2-In-1 Air Hockey Table Tennis Multi-Game Table, 80" (93847625)

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Bring home the excitement of the arcade with the EASTPOINT 2-In-1 Air Hockey Table Tennis Multi-Game Table — where every day is game day! Designed for dynamic duels and friendly competition, this table offers not one, but two classic games that kids and adults alike will love. It's the perfect addition to your game room, rec room, or any gathering space where fun is the name of the game. Ideal for families, game enthusiasts, or anyone looking to upgrade their entertainment space, this multi-game table promises endless fun and memories. Ready for match day in YOUR home? Get your EASTPOINT 2-In-1 Multi-Game Table today and let the games begin!


  • Experience a twist in gameplay as the corners light up when struck, creating unexpected puck deflections that keep players on their toes.
  • The smooth, shiny surface is not only visually appealing but also offers protection against scratches, ensuring long-lasting, uninterrupted play.
  • No more uneven surfaces disrupting your game. The leg levelers ensure a perfectly balanced playfield for fair and square competition every time.



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Dimensions (L*W*H):

Net Weight (LBS):

‎Alloy Steel, Plastic

Assembly Required:


Number of Players:
(1) EASTPOINT 2-In-1 Air Hockey Table Tennis Multi-Game Table, (2) Pushers, (2) Pucks, (2) Table Tennis Paddles, (2) Balls, (1) Net/Post System

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