Energy-Saving Electric Swimming Pool Heat Pump For Above And Inground Pools, 6000 Gallons (93517486)

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Are you looking for a way to extend your swimming season and enjoy more time with friends and family in your pool? Then you need this Energy-Saving Electric Swimming Pool Heat Pump For Above and Inground Pools, 6000 gallons! This high-efficiency and high-performance heat pump will create a world of difference in keeping that pool water warm and inviting for months on end.


It all starts with advanced technology. This heat pump absorbs energy from the air molecules and transfers it into the pool. This means it needs minimal electricity and offers a high conversion rate of 4.7—for every cent of electricity spent, 4.7 times heat is generated! To put that into perspective, you get maximum value with minimum expense!


Our heat pump is also designed for utmost convenience with an intelligent control IC. Simply set the temperature to your desired level and the heat pump will automatically keep your pool at the right temperature. You don’t need to keep adjusting settings—just enjoy the warm and cozy water. The water flow sensor will help automate the working time of the heater with the water pump.


  • Engineered with precision for aboveground and small inground swimming pools, this heater packs a punch - from 30F to 100F ambient temperatures, it can effortlessly reach a maximum water temperature of 105F, giving swimmers an extra-long pool season!
  • 20000 BTU of efficient warmth – the Pool heat pump is perfect for energizing larger Above Ground Pools up to 6500 gallons!
  • This sophisticated machine boasts a water flow sensor, allowing you to tailor the heating time to meet your needs with easy timing settings.



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1.44 kw

120V/ 60Hz

20000 BTU/hr

4.7 W/W

13.1/17.2 Amp

64 lbs



1 x 6000 Gallon Electric Backyard Swimming Pool Heat Pump
1 x User Manual

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