Premium Outdoor Galvanized Steel Backyard Storage Shed W/ Dual Lockable Sliding Doors, 11x13' (95382641)

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Are you a garden hobbyist who needs more space to store your overalls and tools? Stop letting the sight of a dilapidated shed drive your worries and give yourself peace of mind with this Premium Outdoor Galvanized Steel Backyard Storage Shed. Fully equipped with two upgraded double sliding doors, padlocks, and two integrated punched vents, you can rest assured knowing it will provide superior comfort and safety continuously for years to come.

Two upgraded double sliding doors allow for ample ventilation while also allowing natural light to brighten up any space. Furthermore, the heavy-duty complimentary padlock provides extra security against potential dangers as well as a sense of assurance that everything is safe from curious intruder eyes. Not to mention, the outdoor storage box has adopted an increased product height — 64.56" at the door and 75.78" overall — so that comfort levels are never compromised but instead heightened during use! 

Not sold yet? Don’t worry…we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! You won't need to worry about annual repairs since this shed has an aluminum frame for improved sturdiness and galvanized steel panels coated with eco-friendly painting to increase longevity. Let our Premium Outdoor Galvanized Steel Backyard Storage Shed be your best bet when it comes to dependable quality storage solutions that will last you for years to come!


  • This walk-in shed can meet your multiple purposes, using it as a tool room, a garbage chamber, a pet house, and an outdoor rest place.
  • Featured with color-coated steel, this metal storage shed is sturdy and durable for long-term outdoor use.
  • All sheets are closely connected with each other with metal screws, protecting stuff from bad weather.



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Color: Black
Material: 0.25mm (T) Color Steel + 0.6mm (T) Galvanized Sheet
Product Dimensions: 130.51"L x 147.83"W x 75.78"H
Door Dimensions: 45.67"W x 64.56"H
Total Storage Area: 134 sq.ft

1 x Extra Large Outdoor Storage Metal Box Shed
1 x Padlock
1 x User Manual
2 x Gloves

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