HARVIA M3 Wood Burning Sauna Heater & Chimney Kit (SAK90867)

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Imagine slipping into your sauna, closing the door behind you, and being instantly enveloped by a warm, ambient glow. The crackle of a wood fire fills the room, creating a serene soundtrack that melts away the stresses of the day. This is not just a moment of relaxation—it's a complete transformation of your wellness routine, brought to you by the HARVIA Spirit UL Certified Electric Sauna Heater.

Crafted in Finland, the HARVIA Spirit is more than just a sauna heater—it's a statement piece. The sleek stainless-steel design enhances the aesthetic of any luxury home or wellness space, while its robust construction ensures longevity. The 10-mm thick fire chamber and high-quality materials are designed to withstand the high temperatures and humidity of traditional saunas, providing you with years of reliable performance.

The HARVIA Spirit isn't just about heating your sauna—it's about elevating your entire wellness experience. Perfect for luxury homeowners, spa and wellness businesses, and sauna enthusiasts, this premium wood-burning heater invites you to immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the harmony of fire and steam, knowing that every detail has been designed for your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Create your personal haven of tranquility with the HARVIA Spirit UL Certified Electric Sauna Heater. Experience the blend of tradition, innovation, and luxury that only HARVIA can provide. Get ready to feel the warmth.


  • Whether you crave the dry heat of a classic sauna or the soothing steam of a wet sauna, the HARVIA Spirit offers flexibility that caters to your preferences. Simply pour water over the sauna stones to elevate the humidity and create a steaming sanctuary, or enjoy the dry, penetrating heat for a more intense session.
  • Setting up your sanctuary has never been easier. The adjustable feet of the heater make installation a breeze, allowing you to customize the height of the smoke outlet for optimal airflow. The included chimney and accessories ensure a smoke-free experience, letting you focus on your relaxation without any worry.
  • The large stone space and stainless-steel air-flow spoiler are engineered for optimal heat release, efficiently warming your sauna space. This ensures that every corner of your sauna benefits from consistent and comforting heat, transforming your sauna sessions into a luxurious experience.




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Kilowatt Rating (KW) 3,4.5,6,8
Primary Fuel Electric
Minimum Adjusted Cubic Feet 084,100,170,250
Maximum Adjusted Cubic Feet 130,210,300,425
Voltage 240V
Phase 1PH
240V, Single Phase Amperage 12.5,18.8,25.0,33.3
Heater Weight 40 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 84 lbs
Width In Inches 16" (406mm)
Depth In Inches 11" (279mm)
Height In Inches 24" (609mm)
Certification UL
(1) Sauna Stones, (1) Heater, (1) Chimney, (1) 1.0 m of Non-Insulated Smoke Pipe, (1) Rain Cap, (1) Rubber Rain Flange, (1) Installation Set for Rain Flange, (1) Stainless Steel Lead-Through Flange for the Ceiling, (1) Lead-Through Insulation and Protector

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