57" Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Fireproof Biometric Gun Rifle Pistol Safe For Home, 11-12 Guns (97253186)

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Protect your guns with this Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Fireproof Biometric Gun Rifle Pistol Safe for Home. Our rifle safe offers the highest level of security and protection for your valuable firearms and ammunition. With a sturdy 78mm ultra-thick alloy pry-resistant steel door and 5*30mm high-strength solid core lock bolts, this gun safe is designed to keep your guns safe and secure, even from unauthorized persons. Not only that, but it holds up to 11 rifles up to 60" long and very fit rifles with scopes, offering you more storage options. Plus, our safe features an adjustable shelf for additional storage and an interior carpeted floor for extra protection.


For added convenience, our gun cabinet has an easy-to-use biometric semiconductor fingerprint reader that is faster and more accurate than an optical reader. And, in case of a power failure, you can rely on the emergency key or external battery box to open the door. 100 fingerprints can be added to the safe for quick access. You can also further secure your rifles and ammunition by fixing the gun safe to the wall or floor with the included screws. With its heavy-duty construction, this rifle safe is the perfect way to store your guns and keep your family safe. Purchase your Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Fireproof Biometric Gun Rifle Pistol Safe for Home today and rest assured that your firearms are secure!


  • Our rifle safe is fortified with the latest anti-theft alarm systems, so if the wrong fingerprint or password is entered 3 or 5 times, respectively, the system locks and an imposing alarm sounds for one minute. Even if someone attempts to shift it while locked, the alarm will be triggered! If you need quiet, you can always switch to silent mode.
  • Equipped with pre-punched mounting holes on the back and bottom, this gun security cabinet can be easily attached to the floor or wall with provided bolts, allowing you to securely place it anywhere that best fits your space. Boasting an interior small locker cabinet, it can accommodate up to two firearms and ammo with ease.



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62 x 23 x 19 inches

109.8 pounds

‎Floor Mount, Wall Mount

Alarm System, Fingerprint Sensor, Fireproof

‎Alloy Steel

Keys, Bolts

1 x Heavy Duty Fireproof Biometric Gun Rifle Pistol Safe
1 x User Manual

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