Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Bone Saw Cutting Machine

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  • High Power Copper Motor
  • Easy Operation
  • 19" Workbench W/ Scales
  • Sturdy Material

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

Enjoy quickly cutting through tough bones and thick slabs of meat without hassles by sliding them through the razor sharp blade of our Heavy-Duty Meat Saw. Whether you're processing wild game or farm raised meat, the meat band saw seamlessly cuts through them all!


Material: Aluminum + Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 130.0 lbs
Motor: 650 / 850W, 1.2Hp 
Wheel Size: 8.3"
Cutting: T: 0.2-7.1", H: 7.9"
Dimension: 16.0"(D)x 18.5"(W)x 35.0"(H)
Speed: 15 m/s
Table Size: 14.9"(W) x 14.4"(D)
Disclaimer: Please note that due to ongoing modifications by the manufacturer, the overall design of the unit received may differ from the pictures.

Included Items

1 x Cutting Saw

1 x Wrench

3 x Saw Blades

Key Benefits

Home & Business

This electric meat slicer is suitable for both home and commercial use.

Hassle Free

This electric meat slicer comes with everything you need in the box.

Perfect Gift

Gift this cutter to friends and help them slice their meat more efficiently.


Our meat band saw is engineered to help you effortlessly cut through different types of meat without having to exert much effort. Simply secure the slab of meat onto the meat cutting machine and slice away.
Meat Bone Saw Machine Meat Cutting Machine Commercial 850W For Cutting Bone


Best of all, the bone cutter features a powerful 850 watt electric copper motor that is capable of cutting through both frozen and thawed meat, making it perfect for all types of meat cutting jobs.
Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Cutting Machine


Standing only 35 inches above the ground, the meat cutter machine can be placed on any countertop and used at home or in a commercial setting. This way, you could enjoy cutting meat, veggies, fruits and more much at any time.

110V Bone Saw Machine, 850W Frozen Meat Cutter, 1.12HP Butcher Bandsaw, Thickness Range 4-180mm, Max Cutting Height 200mm,Work Table 14.5x15inch, Sawing Speed 15m/s, Equipped with 3 Saw Blades



How many blades are included with the machine?

A: It comes with 3 saw blades.

Does this require any assembly?

A: Yes, minor assembly is required.

What type of meat is this meat slicer suitable for?

A: It is good for both dried and forzen meat.

Does it come with any warranty?

A: This product is back by a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacture warranty. In addition, you may also purchase our extended warranty for greater coverage.