Heavy Duty Folding 30L Electric Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone With First Person View Camera (92753164)

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Are you an agricultural enthusiast eager to grow healthy crops with as little physical effort as possible? This Heavy Duty Electric Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone is your one-stop solution. It comes equipped with advanced features, including an A-B point spray, area spraying plan, and breakpoint continual spraying, perfect for precise, thorough crop dissemination. In addition, its empty tank reminder feature and terrain follow spraying are ideal for those who have busy schedules – allowing you to save time and money on labor costs.

And that’s not all – it is also fitted with a high-definition camera and first-person view function, giving you exceptional aerial perspectives and stunning visuals of your farmland. Alongside that, its image transmission feature lets you control the drone from a distance, ensuring accuracy and safety during use. This makes it a breeze to manage your agricultural operations! Make farming easier than ever. With its unbeatable features and practical functions, you’ll be able to grow better, healthier crops in no time. Get it now and see the difference in your crops!


  • A built-in liquid sensor alerts you when the pesticide reserves in the tank are running low—no guesswork required!
  • Sturdy carbon fiber frame encased in waterproof material--ready to take on any environment!
  • This crop-spraying drone comes with a radar terrain-level sensor that can be conveniently attached to uneven surfaces.



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  • Material: 4.5K Carbon Fiber
  • Core Components: Engine, Motor, Flight controller
  • Unfoldable size: 210*210*78cm
  • Folded size: 105*105*78cm
  • Tank capacity: 30L
  • Color: red/white/blue
  • Power Source: Li-Po Battery
  • Battery: 6S 32000mAh 22.8V *2pcs (7kg)
  • Battery lifetime: 400~500 cycle times
  • Control distance: 1km
  • Empty load weight: 28kg
  • Full load weight: 58kg
  • Tank volume: 30L
  • Empty load flying time: 15 minutes
  • Suggest spraying height: 1.5~3m above crops
  • Working effeiciency: >7 hectares/hour
  • Operation speed: 2~8m/second
  • Max flying speed: 10m/s
  • Flying control mode: GPS/self-stabilization
  • Battery charging time(2pcs at one time): 30~40mins
  • Max take off weight: 68kg
  • Max flying height: 50m
  • Spray width: 5.0~7.0m (1.5~3m above crops)
  • Standard nozzle: 6pcs
  • Gross packing weight: 68kg
  • Packing size:109*109*80
  • Total weight(without battery): 21kg
  • Features: A-B Point Spray, Area Spraying Plan, Break Point Continual Spraying. Empty Tank Reminder& Terrain Follow Spraying, Camera, FPV, Image Transimit
    1 x 30L Electric Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone
    1 x Charger
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Remote
    1 x Rechargeable Battery

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