Heavy Duty Electric Backyard Pool Water Heater For Above Ground Pools (94372831)

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Are you looking for a reliable, high-performance electric pool water heater? Look no further! Our Heavy Duty Electric Backyard Pool Water Heater For Above Ground Pools is the perfect choice. This energy-efficient heater is designed to provide fast and consistent hot water that will make your time in the pool more enjoyable.

With an impressive heating capacity of 14331 BTU, our pool heater is perfect for any size above-ground pool. It's also incredibly easy to install with its minimal wiring requirements and convenient 110-120V/60Hz/1Ph power supply. And the noise levels are almost non-existent with ratings of just 43dB (A)/52dB (A). It also boasts low emissions with its R410A (0.45kg) refrigerant and has a GWP value of 2088, equating to a Carbon Dioxide equivalent of 0.80 tonnes!

Not only this, but it is also CE/FCC certified to ensure that it meets all safety standards. So if you’re looking for an energy-efficient and reliable pool heater that can give your above-ground pool warm water all season long, look no further than our Heavy Duty Electric Backyard Pool Water Heater – you won’t be disappointed!


  • This electric pool heater is designed for small pools of up to 2700 gallons, and it takes longer to heat larger pools - but it's ideal for your above-ground swimming pool, hot tub, or spa! See the item description for more details and your perfect heat pump solution!
  • The remarkable 5.7 energy efficiency of this heat pump and its low operating cost of 1/5 of electric or gas heating systems will let you make the most out of your pool time without worrying about the cost. Enjoy your swimming time unabated!



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Heating Capacity: 8496,14331 BTU
Imput Power: 0.65kw
Rated Current: 7.5a
Power Supply:110-120v/60hz/1ph
Noise 10m/1m:43db(A)/52db(A)
Water Proof Class:IPX4
Water Connection:32or38mm
Max Discharge Pressure:4.2mpa
Advised Water Flow:2m³/h
Min Suction Pressure:0.1mpa
Water Pressure Drop:15kpa
CE/FCC Certificate
Refrigerant:r410a (0.45kg)
Co2 Equivalent:0.80 tonnes
Weight Net/Gross:21/24kg

1 x Electric Pool Heater
1 x Inlet Pipe
2 x Water Pipe Fixed Connector
1 x Outlet Pipe
1 x Titanium Heat Exchanger

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