Heavy-Duty Electric Stainless Steel Milking Machine For Cows & Goats, 25L (96320515)

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Are you planning to increase your farm’s milk production and speed up your process of milking cows or goats? With this Electric Milking Machine, you can constantly extract milk from your cow in an easier and faster way without increasing your farm’s labor expenses.


This electric milking machine for goats makes your milking process a lot safer because it doesn’t hurt the cow to reduce stress in the lactation process. In return, this process creates good milking routines which increase the quality of cow’s milk.


This electric milking device will be the most efficient way to extract cow’s milk without damage to the glands and prevent transmitting organisms that cause diseases. Studies show that farms using electric cow milker resulted in cows’ lower physiologic stress responses and discomfort because of increased animal welfare.


Add this electric cow milker to your farm as an essential investment to operate efficiently and at the same time optimize your profits. Manage your herd faster and avoid the opportunity for contamination while milking to ensure the best quality of cow’s milk.



  • This 25L stainless steel goat milker machine designs with food grade bucket and harmless rubber air hose for maximum safety and hygiene.
  • Featuring piston pump and 1440 rpm ultra-quiet motor, simple to operate and maintain, a very cost-effective milking equipment for cattle and sheep.
  • Upgrading electric milking machine with vacuum regulator and gauge to increase working efficiency.
  • This stainless steel milk suction head is specially designed for the cow, it's inner surfaces are very smooth and doesn't hurt the teat of your cow.


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Bucket Material 304 Stainless Steel
Bucket 25L
Electric Motor Voltage 110V
Power 0.55KW
Operating Vacuum Degree 0.04-0.05 MPa (adjustable)
Speed 1440 rpm/min
Pulsation Times 64 per min
Milking Cluster 1 Set
Type Vacuum Pump
Working Capacity 10-12 cows/hour
1 x Cow/Goat Milking Machine
1 x Handle
8 x Hose
1 x Set of Milk Cups
1 x 19.7" Milk Hose
1 x 11.8" Air Hose
1 x Vacuum Gauge
2 x Wheels
1 x Caster Wheels
1 x Tray
1 x Bucket
1 x Bucket Cap
8 x M8*16 Screw Poles
8 x M8 Nuts
2 x M6*12 Screw Poles

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