Heavy Duty Hammer Hydraulic Excavator Concrete Pulverizer Processor, 18" (97351764)

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Are you looking for a heavy-duty pulverizer processor? Designed for heavy-duty industrial use and crafted to deliver unbeatable power and precision. Tailored to the needs of professional demolishers and construction workers, this pulverizer is the next evolution in concrete and rock-crushing technology.

Featuring a robust system that harnesses hydraulic forces to crush concrete walls and rock formations with ease and efficiency. The design includes a unique jaw shape which ensures the ideal grip and penetration into materials, reducing operating time and extending tool longevity.

Whether it's intricate demolition work or large-scale clearing projects, this Hydraulic Pulverizer stands ready to tackle the toughest jobs, leaving behind a fine, debris-free worksite.


  • The external hydraulic system offers hydraulic pressure for the hydraulic cylinder to make the movable jaw and fixed jaw open and close to achieve the effect of crushing objects.
  • Designed for 6-9 Ton Excavators, this Pulverizer Processor in 18" ensures effortless crushing and pulverizing of concrete with precision and efficiency, making it an essential tool for any construction project.
  • Is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that sets it above all others when it comes to demolishing concrete and rebar. This enhanced version surpasses the previous mechanical models, making it the top choice for demolition jobs.



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