Heavy Duty Portable Gas Fuel Diesel Caddy Transfer Tank, 35 Gallons

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Are you looking for a gas caddy to store and transporting your fuel? Our Large 35 Gallon Gas Caddy is perfect for refueling boats, lawn mowers, jet skis, ATVs 4 wheelers and much more. Unlike traditional fuel caddies, our diesel fuel caddy features a two-way rotary pump that allows you to pump and extract gasoline from your fuel tanks without needing any additional equipment.

Equipped with a sturdy body, the gas storage tank is designed to safely store your fuel for extended periods of time. Never again will you need to worry about running out of fuel with our gasoline transfer tank. Better yet, despite its 35 gallon capacity, the gasoline storage tank is extremely compact in size and could be stored in your garage or home without taking up much space. This way, you could have multiple gas storage tanks stacked up together.


  • The gas caddy requires no external energy to power. All you need to do is squeeze the handle and the diesel caddy will begin transferring fuel to your tanks.
  • Featuring a set of smooth-rolling wheels, this 35 gallon gas caddy could be moved around your work area despite carrying a heavy load. with extreme ease.
  • Simply put, the portable fuel storage tank was built to last. Manufactured from sturdy, high-density polyethylene material, the body of this gas caddy is resistant to corrosion and denting.

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Max Capacity 35 Gallons
Material Steel
Prod. Weight 34.8 lbs
Hose 8FT
Dimensions (17.7 x 50.0)" (W x H) 
Pump Hand Crank/Manual
  • 1 x 15 Gallon Gasoline Transfer Tank

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