Large Heavy Duty Chicken Defeathering Plucker Machine, 20 Inch (93425601)

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Are you looking for a large, heavy-duty chicken feather plucker machine that's built to last? Look no further - our 20" Large Heavy Duty Chicken Feather Plucker Machine is here to save the day! This reliable piece of equipment is powered by a 550W pure copper motor for maximum efficiency and durability. The powerful motor speeds up to 280 rpm, allowing you to de-feather in as little as 10-30 seconds – with our machine, you'll be able to handle de-feathering up to 2-4 chickens at one time without a hitch!

The convenience doesn't stop there – the top of our plucker machine features 108 individual rubber fingers, designed specifically with assistance from poultry experts - they remove both feathers and dirt gently yet effectively so that you can get the job done fast. And don't worry about corrosion or rusting down the line – we've built our drum out of premium 430 stainless steel so that your chicken plucker will stay strong even after years of use.

What really makes this chicken de-feathering machine stand out is how easy it is to store and move around. With its compact size, you won't be struggling to find space for it in your home or business! Plus, equipped with two solid rubber wheels and an ergonomic handlebar underneath its drum making maneuverability simple and smooth. We here at Pluckers Inc know that your time is valuable – trust us when we say: you won't regret making this purchase. Get your hands on our new Large Heavy Duty Chicken Feather Plucker Machine today!


  • Just connect a water hose and power the plucker on. The built-in water spray pipe will automatically spray water, freeing your hands. Add a chicken to the chicken plucker, and a few seconds later, you will get a perfectly plucked chicken. Besides, the water-proof switch is designed for easy and secure use.
  • Our chicken plucker machine features a pure copper motor for maximum efficiency and durability. It is built to handle de-feathering work in as little as 10-30 seconds. Handle up to 2-4 chickens at one time.
  • The added hood to the motor and added hose to the drain outlet can prevent water and debris from entering the motor. We also provide you with 10 extra fingers for replacement. Get ready to start your de-feathering work with no hassle.



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Net Weight:
56.7 Lbs (25.7 kg)
2 Chickens (Each 3.3lbs/1.5kg)
Barrel Size:
(φ19.7 x H15.5)"/(φ501 x H393)mm
120V 60Hz
Panel Thinkness:
0.03" (0.7mm)
Finger Qty:
Product Size:
(30.3 x 26.4 x 34.3)" (L*W*H)

1 x Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker
1 x User Manual

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