Large Yellow Heavy Duty Flammable Welded Fireproof Storage Cabinet, 35" (94152837)

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Protect yourself and your business from the hazards of flammable materials with our 35" Large Yellow Heavy Duty Flammable Welded Fireproof Storage Cabinet. Our double cold-rolled steel construction provides increased safety by reducing the risk of potential fires. The galvanized steel design won't corrode or rust, so you can rely on our storage cabinet for years and years to come. Moreover, our flammable storage cabinet features an all-welded steel body without rivets, screws, or tack welds so it is strong and durable enough to protect those dangerous liquids.

On top of that, the locking handle comes with a three-point key lock to secure contents and avoid danger while the internal and external ventilation systems reduce the harmful gases in the cabinet effectively. The leak-proof sump will also help contain hazardous liquids within the safe confines of your flammable cabinet. Our yellow hazardous storage cabinet has obtained multiple international certifications like ROHS, CE, explosion protection certificate and more making it perfect for commercial or home use to store alcohol, glue, gasoline, or banana oil in an efficient manner.

Take control of your flammables today by investing in this flame retardant Large Yellow Heavy Duty Flammable Welded Fireproof Storage Cabinet!


  • This resilient fireproof storage cabinet boasts 0.08 in/2 mm double cold-rolled steel with 1-1/2" air space for added strength and fire prevention. Galvanized steel construction ensures enduring corrosion protection for long-term, reliable use.
  • Crafted with detail, our flammable liquid cabinet offers unbeatable storage security. Its internal and external vents minimize harmful gases, while the leak-proof sump prevents dangerous liquid from escaping. Depth: 2 in/50 mm.
  • This storage cabinet has zero rivets, screws, and tack welds—just an ultra-solid steel body. Plus, it's armed with a ground conductor to shield it from static and any potential blasts.


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External Size: (18.0*18*35.4)"
Material: Cold-Rolled Steel
Capacity: 16 Gallon
Color: Yellow
Shelf Material: Galvanized Steel
Finish: Powder Coated
Number of Doors: 1
Net Weight: 66.14 lbs
Inside Size: (33.5*14.6*14.6)"
1 x 35" Flammable Safety Cabinet
1 x User Manual

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