NATURNEST Sirius 3 Premium 2XL 3-Person Clamshell Roof Top Tent (SAK62917)

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Imagine waking up with the first light of dawn breaking over the horizon, snug in the comfort of your own plush, elevated sanctuary. The NATURNEST Sirius 3 2XL Roof Top Tent not only brings you closer to nature but also redefines the entire camping experience with its unmatched features and design. 

Gone are the days of cramped camping quarters. With its expansive opening size, the Sirius 3 2XL offers abundant space for you and your loved ones. Whether you're storing bedding, gear, or simply stretching out after a long day of adventure, this tent provides ample room to move and relax. It's more than just a tent—it's your home away from home. 

What’s a night in the great outdoors without a bit of stargazing? The innovative transparent skylight design lets you immerse yourself in the beauty of the night sky. Listen to the soothing patter of rain or gaze at the stars—all while staying protected and comfortable inside your tent.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and camping families yearning for a blend of comfort and adventure, the NATURNEST Sirius 3 2XL is your perfect companion. Elevate your camping experience—discover the freedom and luxury of a roof-top sanctuary. Ready to make every camping trip an unforgettable adventure? Choose the NATURNEST Sirius 3 2XL and experience the difference today.


  • Say goodbye to restless nights spent tossing and turning on uneven ground. Our premium 2-inch rebound foam mattress with a plush top ensures a restful night's sleep. Designed for firm support and quick shape recovery, it’s like bringing your bedroom’s comfort out into the wild.
  • Adventure shouldn’t be synonymous with hassle. Thanks to the gas-supported X-frame, the Sirius 2 XXXL opens and closes with ease, allowing even solo adventurers to set up camp effortlessly. In mere moments, you’ll be ready to start your expedition.
  • Weather can be unpredictable, but your shelter shouldn’t be. Crafted from a robust ABS shell with a sleek black finish, the Sirius 2 XXXL stands as a fortress against moisture, rain, and dust. Rain or shine, this tent offers you a safe haven, letting you enjoy your adventure without worry.




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Open Size: (86.6*63.0*47.0)"
Closing Dimension: (63.0*49.0*11.0)"
Capacity: 3
Packing Weight: 249 LBS
(1) NATURNEST Sirius 3 2XL 3-Person Clamshell Roof Top Tent, (2) Retractable Ladder, (2) Shoe Bags, (1) Ladder Storage Bag, (3) Mattress, (2) Storage Bag, (4) Vesh Windows

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