Premium Portable Air Conditioner Unit With Remote Control & LCD Display, 10K BTU (94168273)

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Are you looking to make a purchase that will change your life? If so, then look no further than our Premium Portable Air Conditioner Unit! With its 10K BTU rating, it's the perfect cooling solution for any room in your home. And its Remote Control allows you to control temperature without ever needing to leave the comfort of your couch.

Our Premium Portable Air Conditioner Unit is sure to be an investment that pays for itself many times over. Despite having such a powerful capacity – 10,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) – this portable unit is energy efficient and low maintenance, meaning you won't need to worry about high electricity bills or expensive repair costs. Plus, unlike other similar products on the market, our unit also features both temperature and fan speed settings which can be adjusted as needed.

Forget suffering through long summer months with inadequate cooling solutions – there's no easier or more affordable way to stay comfortable during those hot days than with our Premium Portable Air Conditioner Unit! So don't wait another minute — make an investment in your own comfort today!


  • With an ASHRAE rating of 12000 BTU, it is capable of providing efficient and effective cooling for spaces up to 300sq.ft. while providing fan and dehumidification for any home, bedroom, office, or cabin; capable of meeting your various needs for a cool summer.
  • The fan can be turned off at the time you set whether you fall asleep or forget to turn it off. Our portable air conditioner operates in low mode at no more than 51 decibels, which won't disturb your rest at night. And sleep mode makes you feel more comfortable during rest.
  • Doesn't come with Freon and harmful refrigerants and does not use the compressor of traditional air conditioners. It not only can reduce your electricity bill but also can save energy and reduce pollution to the environment. This is in line with our idea of environmental protection and low-carbon living.



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Overall Dimension:
(13*13*27.5)"(L x W x H)
Power Cord Length:
Temperature Range:
60.8°F -89.6°F
Cooling Capacity (ASHARE):
10000 BTU
Cooling Capacity (SACC):
330 m³/h
Water Tank Capacity:
Net Weight:
50.5 lbs
1 x 10K AC Unit
4 x Wheels
1 x User Manual
1 x Filter

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