Powerful Electric Automatic Dual Scrubbing Pool Vacuum Cleaner, 120W (97213284)

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Are you looking for the most powerful and efficient pool vacuum cleaner available? Look no further than this Electric Automatic Dual Scrubbing Pool Vacuum Cleaner! Not only does this robotic pool cleaner provide a thorough clean for even the largest of pools, but it does so with ease and reliability. Its electric-powered motor and dual scrubbing system allow it to quickly and effectively remove dirt, debris, leaves, and other contaminants from the pool floor without any hassle or inconvenience. Plus, its waterline brushes will make sure your pool sidewalls stay crystal clear at all times.

Advanced software allows you to steer the Electric Automatic Dual Scrubbing Pool Vacuum Cleaner with ease. With an extra-long cable and cord management bin included in the kit, you won't even need to move the vacuum cleaner during your entire cleanup session. To top it off, its powerful filtration bags ensure that dirt is trapped securely during each use. No matter what size or shape your pool may be, this amazing product will make sure it's big enough to stay clean while small enough to corner without any difficulties.


  • The robotic cleaner can operate without any supervision and could navigate throughout your pool floor regardless of its shape.
  • The filters can circulate thousands of gallons of water per hour, leaving your pool water always nice and clean.
  • The circulating water filtration system allows you to make you enjoy clean and hygienic water all the time, filtering sand, debris, and hair.
  • Large-capacity cartridge filters suited for all pool conditions and seasons leave the pool water clean and free of hair, dust, insects, and other debris.



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Outlet Voltage:
Robotic Pool Cleaner
Input Voltage:
Cleaning Cycle:
2 hours
Cable Length:
Overall Dimension:
(16-1/4 x 19-1/4 x 10)" (W x L x H)
1 x Pool Cleaner W/ Control Box
1 x Cable
1 x Instruction Manual

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