Premium Electric Cow Goat Milking Machine With Milk Bucket, 25L (95138427)

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Are you looking for a milking machine that can streamline your farming process? Look no further than our Premium Electric Cow Goat Milking Machine with Milk Bucket! This powerful yet gentle machine promises a hassle-free milking experience with 25L capacity, superior efficiency, and maximum carefulness.

Our automatic milking machine is designed to give cows and goats the latest level of care and comfort that they deserve during the milking process. It features powerful vacuum pump pressure and soft liners, so your animals can continue to be comfortable while being milked. In addition, this machine offers an even, balanced milking procedure that eliminates manual labor while increasing yield and ensuring quality of milk produced. You can now trust in its continuous power delivery to maintain consistency throughout the process.

Say goodbye to tedious hand work and hello to this modern machine! Our Premium Electric Cow Goat Milking Machine ensures faster processes without compromising on health or safety standards - making it an optimal choice for any farm-owner!


  • Our cow milking machine features a piston pump and 1680 rpm ultra-quiet motor, allowing it to milk 5-8 cows per hour hassle-free. It will free your hands, saving time and labor.
  • There is no need to worry about your milk becoming polluted. Our milking machines adopt seamless food-grade milk buckets, providing you with fresh and pure milk.
  • The milking machine features 4 soft teat cups and a pulsation system. It will simulate calf milking to provide your cows with a comfortable milking experience.



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Bucket Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Bucket Capacity: 25L
Electric Motor Voltage: 110V
Power Fitted: 0.55KW
Working Capacity: 5-8 cows/hour
Pulsation Times: 60/min
Pulsation Rate: 60:40
Milking Cluster: 1 Set
Operating Vacuum Degree: 0.04-0.05MPa

1 x Electric Milking Machine With Milk Bucket
1 x User Manual

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