RBS Dual Motor Underwater 2-Speed Scuba Diving Sea Scooter (97585314)

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Do you love the feeling of exploring the marine depths?  Experience an even greater adventure with RBS Dual Motor Underwater Scuba Diving Sea Scooter! This powerful propulsion device will give you the seamless power to explore like never before, offering you two-speed options for deep dives and leisurely laps. With a strong thrust and hydrodynamic thrust, this scuba scooter is built for performance.

Not only that, it comes with an intuitive OLED dashboard that offers real-time data on your speed level and battery life so you can always keep track of how long you have until you need to come back up. The best part — no special training is necessary to enjoy up to 40 minutes of swimming on a single charge!

And because our motor is whisper quiet at 50 decibels, you'll be able to savor the peace of mind of knowing that all ocean life will remain protected during your explorations. Plus, its Camera Universal Interface means you can document your entire journey for anyone or everyone else to share in the experience. Don't miss out — discover something new with the RBS Dual Motor Underwater 2-Speed Scuba Diving Sea Scooter today!


  • Experience up to 40 minutes of exhilarating underwater swimming on a single battery change!
  • Experience effortless transitions between low and high speeds with the single-button speed adjustment feature!
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Battery Structure:
Waterproof And Detachable Intelligent Safety Battery

Net Weight:
3.7KG (Including battery)

Low Speed 3.7 MPH, High Speed 5 MPH

Deep Diving:

Life Time:
100 Minutes At Low Speed, 30 Minutes At High Speed


Motor Power:

Battery Type:
10000mAh 148h Li-Ion Battery (Included)


Battery Life:
300 Full Charge And Discharge

Charging Time:
3 Hours

Plug-In Support:
Sports Camera / External Dual Handle

1 x RBS Underwater Sea Scooter
1 x Battery
1 x Charger & Charging Stand
1 x Handle
1 x Adjustable Release Towline
1 x Manual

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