15 Ton Smart Air-Cooled SS Industrial Water Chiller With LCD Display & 150L Water Tank, 15HP (95201436)

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The 15 Ton 15HP Air-Cooled Industrial Chiller With LCD Display & a 150L Water Tank is a powerful and reliable choice for cooling your industrial space. With a 150L water tank, this unit transfers heat away from a space that requires climate control quickly and reliably. It also features a LCD display for easy access to controls and settings. Plus, its highly efficient air-cooling system allows for energy-saving operations with minimal noise pollution. Perfect for large industrial applications, the industrial water chiller is an ideal solution for ensuring the optimal temperature of your workspace.



  • Our water chiller uses standard R407 refrigerant to keep engraving machines up to 45KW cooling during use. Its 11.25 KW compressor can cool up to 38700 Kcal per hour. The 150L water tank is enclosed to reduce evaporation and provides long-term service between refills.
  • Including an overload protector, high and low-pressure switch, electronic alarm prompt functions, automatic water replenishment. The environmental temperature must be less than or equal to 40℃.
  • Multi-functional control table includes intelligent LCD, microcomputer control, power buttons for compressor and condenser. A simple one-key rule makes operation convenient and efficient. The adjustable temperature ranges from 5℃ to 25℃.



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Power: 220V / 60Hz / 3P
Regulate Temperature: 5℃ - 25℃
Condensation temperature: 45℃
Compressor type: Fully Enclosed Vortex
Compressor Motor Power: 15HP / 11.25KW
Tank Capacity: 150L
Cooling Capacity: 45KW / 38700Kcal/h
Heat Exchange Tube Material: Copper
Coolant Type: R407
Fan Motor Power: 0.64KW
Pump Power: 2.2KW
Pump Motor Power: 2HP
Net Weight: 1345 lbs / 610 kg
Item Dimensions (L x W x H): (63 x 30.7 x 67)"
1 x 15 Air-Cooler Industrial Chiller
1 x User Manual

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