TPW Electric 20V Autonomous WIFI Robotic Lawn Mower With Charging Station (SAK58140)

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Experience unparalleled convenience and precision in lawn maintenance with the groundbreaking TPW Electric 20V Autonomous WIFI Robotic Lawn Mower. Designed for homeowners who value both the environment and their time, this innovatively smart lawn mower redefines the landscaping experience by marrying advanced technology with user-friendly features.

The TPW Electric 20V Autonomous WIFI Robotic Lawn Mower is more than just a lawn mower; it's a revolution in lawn care. Tailored for those who demand excellence and sustainability, this is the must-have tool for anyone looking to effortlessly maintain a beautiful outdoor space. Don’t just take care of your lawn; transform it into a statement like never before.


  • Installation is a breeze with the TPW Lawn Mower. Simply define your lawn's borders using the included boundary wires, program the mowing schedule, and let the technology do the rest.
  • With its sophisticated AI technology, it navigates your garden's unique landscape effortlessly, avoiding obstacles and adapting to different terrains.
  • Equipped with razor-sharp blades and intelligent cutting algorithms, the TPW Lawn Mower delivers precise and even grass cutting. Wave goodbye to uneven patches and inconsistent lengths.
  • Forget the noise and fumes associated with traditional gas-powered mowers. Our robotic lawn mower operates so quietly, you might forget it's even there.
  • Control at your fingertips - the dedicated mobile app allows for easy scheduling, adjustment of settings, and real-time monitoring from anywhere.
  • Equipped our mower with important safety features, including automatic shutdown if tilted or lifted, ensuring a worry-free operation for you and your family.
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