We spend most of our 24-hours on work, and sometimes whether we like it or not, we feel burned out and start to feel like work has become a chore. According to Harvard Business Review, when passion at work fades, people begin to question the meaning of their work, feel trapped, become bored, and want to take a break, or simply quit.

When this happens, work productivity and performance become affected. But does passion really have something to do with it? According to Forbes, passion is a belief that doing what we love would mean putting our every fiber into what needs to be done, including our drive, energy, and ability to motivate or inspire others to also perform their best.

Interestingly, several studies have established that being passionate about work involves finding meaning and purpose in work, and employees who possess this passion become both happier and more productive at work.

In this article, we have rounded up the best tips to keep your passion burning about work and how it can help you create a better working environment while keeping your mental health on-check. They include:

1. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
2. Recharge
3. Respect your limits
4. Embrace diversity
5. Reflect and Reassess

Ready to go back to grinding? Let us have a brief discussion of each tip and how you can use them to start refueling your once burning passion to go above and beyond your duties, and let’s fill your workplace with positive energy again.

5 Tips To Rekindle One’s Passion For Work


Does speaking in front of many people scare the hell out of you? Or are you a smooth talker when all attention is focused on you?

Recognizing where you excel and do not excel is vital in keeping your passion in your work. Let’s admit it, there are skills that we can perform very well, and there are things that we really cannot do. Working on your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths can make you feel better about yourself and will allow you to have the confidence to do things excellently.

Using your strengths to your advantage allows you to gain recognition and respect from your leaders, and using your weaknesses to inspire and keep you grounded creates a balance where the passion to become better at work may come from.


Whether it’s a quick trip to get some coffee, or grabbing some pizza by the restaurant across the street, or taking the weekend-off to someplace, taking a break is one of the surefire ways to clear your mind.

Letting go of the screens once in a while can help you shift your focus, and allows your brain to take a break from the overwhelming tasks ahead of you.

It also supports ‘chunking’ your work into little bits, making it more manageable and time-bounded. Taking breaks also allows you to refresh your brain, allowing new ideas and inspirations to flow through.


Most work burnouts stem from one’s belief that in order to be productive, a lot needs to be accomplished in a day. This leads to starting different tasks in the hopes of finishing them at the end of the day. However, this is not fail-proof and often leads to clutter, disorganization, and exhaustion.

Acknowledging that you are no superhero and cannot do everything is one important reminder to slow down, take a step back, and plan your tasks accordingly. By doing this, you can effectively manage what needs to be done according to the highest priority and work to get them done.

This way, you can focus your whole energy, creativity, and skills on the tasks at hand, allowing you to become more productive and more engaged to bring about your desired results.


We may all agree that work becomes more fun and a little more bearable because of our colleagues. Their helping hands, loud laughs, and inside jokes are something that keeps the desire and passion to perform our best, too. However, when someone has to leave the office, or a change in leadership happens, the relationship is just not the same anymore, and passion for work may dwindle.

Often, these changes affect how we function at work. Learning how to embrace these changes enables you to acknowledge your emotions,while working on realigning your perspective to make adjustments so that your values reflects in your work.


Do you recall being asked one of the classic interview questions that goes like “do you see a glass that is half-empty or half-full?”

The optimist sees it as half-full, while the pessimist sees it as half-empty, but the realist sees it as always full. Whichever your answer is, it allowed you to pause and reflect on the question, right?

Taking time to reflect on how you’ve been at work for the past week, month, quarter, or year can help in keeping your passion for work alive. Seeing how far you have progressed, how much impact you’ve made, and how great your contribution is to your team gives you a feeling of satisfaction and desire to do more.

Reassessing involves thinking again about something in order to decide if you should change the way you feel about it or deal with it. It allows you to examine your values, beliefs, and your motivation to perform well, and to remember why you wanted the work in the first place. One way of doing this is by thinking back to a time when you were recognized for doing your best.


Now that we have rounded up the best tips to keep your passion at work to cultivate your professional success while allowing you to enjoy life, it is time for you to have faith in yourself and what you can achieve. At the end of the day, what we make of our jobs depends largely on us and our decisions. Our fears can limit us, while our faith can make us what we aspire to be.


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